Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perfect Score for Nathan at Festival!

Nathan had a piano recital tonight. He played the two songs that he played for Festival last week. He received a perfect score from the judge. He had a tiny bit of trouble tonight but we are still really proud of him. It is fun to listen to him practice and we are glad that he is learning to play really well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Best Husband in the World!

Kerry is such a loving, serving person. During the baby shower, he and Hyrum took several children in the back yard to play. Kerry took a slippery board and put it over the window well into our bedroom so the kids could climb up and slide down. They played on the swings and had fun in the back yard. Here he is holding Aden.

Every Sunday Kerry goes to two nursing homes to visit the people who live there. He is such a good example to our family of service and love. Today (Easter) he asked if I would help him make something for Easter to give to the residents. We made these little bunnies and then took them to give away. It was a really fun way to serve. I am grateful that he reminds me to get out and serve others when we can.

Baby Shower for Tayven and Amiee

It is hard to believe that Tayven is almost here. We are getting excited to have the first Denney boy grandson. Kyrstina, Chris and Heidi hosted a baby shower for them over Easter weekend. Here are a few photos. Amiee sure got some cute baby blue outfits - LOTS of them :) Everyone's generosity sure is humbling.
We played a fun game Heidi made up - we threw diapers at Amiee - no I mean at the basket - and tried to see how many we could get in the basket. Amiee was a really good sport as we missed the basket and hit her in the face instead :).

Busy Easter Weekend

This weekend was very busy for our family. We hosted two college students who had to be out of their apartment. We enjoyed sharing our Easter holiday with Tabitha and Shea. On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and grandkids. It was really fun to watch them search for eggs. They had candy and money in them and so the "big kids" were pretty motivated to find the eggs. When I was a child I remember my grandma Markowitz sewing clothes for the cousins. I decided this year that I wanted to sew a skirt for each of the girls and then we gave each of the boys a book. It was fun to see them open their gifts and it was fun that the skirts fit great. These are some photos from our day. Then after naps many of the family came back for and Easter dinner. We had broccoli braid, rainbow jello, salad, carrots, and bunny cake.

Christina helping Kyler gather eggs during our Easter Egg hunt.

Our Easter bunny cake for dinner.

Kyla looking for easter eggs.

Courtney, dancing in her new skirt make by Grandma.
Courtney & Kyla in their matching skirts.
Aden & Heidi with his easter gift from grandma and grandpa.

Happy Birthday Heidi!

In March we celebrated Heidi's birthday.