Sunday, January 24, 2010

Camera on the blitz!

Well, I haven't updated my blog forever because I don't have any pictures. . . my camera has been on the bliz! (Actually, to tell you the truth, I finally found it under - don't ask me, I don't know - yes, under the bed.

So. . . Kerry and I celebrated out 15th wedding anniversary in December. What a joy to be married to this wonderful, loving man! I can hardly believe it is 15 years already!

We celebrated Nathan's 14th birthday and ordained him to the office of a Teacher in the Aaronic priesthood. He also received his Deacon Duty to God award.

We had several fun evenings with our family and extended family.

I guess that's the short version of December and January. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place and have such wonderful family and friends. We are grateful for our jobs and all that we have to make life comfortable and easy. We look forward to a wonderful 2010 and hope that you are all well and happy. . . . I guess we'll have to see what the new year brings for challenges and blessings. Gratefully, we have the gospel and each other to forge ahead.