Saturday, February 28, 2009

Basketball Season comes to a close

This year Kerry was Nathan's coach. He has been his coach every year except one. Nathan begs him to be his coach every year and so Kerry agrees. It has been nice that Nathan chose to have his dad coach his teams each year. This year, they were the ONLY team out of 11 teams, that went undefeated. Some teams cried, some coaches screamed, some games were close and some were landslides but whatever the score, they had lots of fun. These photos were taken February 28, 2009 at the last game. They were all given a certificate and Kerry's team was given a 1st place medal. Most games Nathan scored many points and swished at least one 3 pointer. It has been a fun year.

Snow Day - Ski Day

One day in January, we had a snow day from school so Nathan and his friends went skiing. I drove up to Kelly Canyon to pick them up and we saw probably 50 or more deer. It was a beautiful drive. We tried to get a few photos of the deer. This isn't the best photo but you can see a couple of them in the back.

Valentine's Day

Kerry and I have an annual event at the Stake Center each year for the formal Valentine's Day Dance. We have gone every year for 14 years and we just love dancing the night away. This year we went to dinner, went to see Courtney and Kyler and Chris & Troy for a few minutes and then spent the evening dancing. Nathan took one of these photos for us and then a photographer at the dance took the other one. We love our Valentine's Day tradition.

Babysitting Fun

One weekend Hyrum and Amiee decided to celebrate their anniversary a bit early and so we had Kyla overnight. We also had Aden that evening for a while. We spent time coloring, playing, watching a movie, and laughing. That night after Aden went home we rocked Kyla for a while, put her in bed and she didn't cry one bit. She slept all night and then we played again the next morning. We had such a fun sleepover!

A Few Favorites from Christmas

My mom got her hair cut while she was here and we took these photos that day.