Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nathan's Piano Award

Because Nathan has played in 12 piano festivals he got this cool award. Tonight after his piano recital it was awarded to him.

Eric Graduates, Heidi & Eric move

I was hoping to post a photo of Eric in his graduation cap and gown but I didn't have my camera and so I don't have a photo. But we tended Aden during part of the graduation and we had SO much fun. Here is a short little video of him talking.

Right after graduation, Heidi and Eric moved to their first "career job" in Virginia, Idaho and they will be commuting from Pocatello, Idaho.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

After Dinner Entertainment

While the men went to Priesthood, the ladies stayed and played and enjoyed visiting. We basically were entertained by the grandkids for hours. It was wonderful!

This one is the longest. It is Kyla dancing while Heidi plays the violin and Amiee plays the piano. Aden comes to join Kyla and they have fun dancing together.

These other two videos are only a couple seconds long but I just had to share them all. They are so cute.

2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Last year our grandchildren were big enough to enjoy and Easter Egg Hunt. We had so much fun that Grandpa and I decided that we would make it an annual event. So last week I sent each grandchild their own invitation and we prepared by filling 200 eggs with candy and money. Then it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed. . . about 6 inches. So, we hid the eggs in the house, made a yummy Easter dinner and here they came.Courtney is the oldest grandchild and so we hid her eggs a bit higher. Kyla, Kyler, and Aden's were about eye height for them. Tayven is just crawling and so we put all of his in the living room on the floor so that he could reach them. He actually got the hang of it pretty good.
Each of the grandkids received a magnetic book to make funny faces. They loved them. They each got a new summer outfit, and they each found about 15 eggs with candy and money.
Kyla had fun finding eggs.
Aden found most of his downstairs. It was a little less crowded down there. :)

Kyler seemed to like his shirt and shorts for the summer! He jumped up and down squealing.

Easter Snow!!

Saturday we woke up to 4 - 6" of snow! It had been warm and beautiful and we were planning a spring weekend but the snow was so deep that we actually had to shovel. I told Nathan and Kerry that one year when Kenne was little I had made a snow bunny and I thought they should try it so they went out to shovel the snow and had fun making this wonderful bunny. They used easter eggs for the eyes and sticks for the whiskers.
Nathan relaxing behind his snow bunny.

Nathan Goes Skiing with Friends

For Christmas we bought Nathan a pass for Targhee Ski Resort. He has used his pass all winter by going with friends and other families because Kerry and I don't ski. So Friday, April 2 we decided to take Nathan and five of his friends up to the ski hill. It is about an hour drive and the boys had fun laughing and playing all the way!When we got there we learned they they has 21" of snow the night before and they had 42" in the last 7 days. It was considered "the PERFECT" day to ski and people came from across the country to ski on this perfect powder day. Nathan said in some places the powder came up to his arms - and many times above his waist.
Those who came with Nathan were Daniel, Jacob, Zach, Nathan, Zach and Dylan. It was a beautiful day. Kerry and I sat in the lodge sipping hot cocoa, planning our summer vacation, and relaxing. Nathan and his friends skied all day long.