Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another really fun day!!

Gosh, am I really allowed to have this much fun in life? Today Christina brought Kyler and Courtney to see me. They are so much fun. . . always smiles and hugs. I just love it when I see them. Courtney always smiles this beautiful smile and Kyler always says "HI GRANDMA!" in this cute, big voice. It is usually accompanied by a big hug. Then, this afternoon Amiee, Tayven, and Kyla came over to play. We played in the leaves, played Hi Ho Cherrio, decorated for Halloween, and just had a great time! I wish I had a couple of photos. . . but once again my camera didn't have batteries.. .ugh! I had to write about it anyway, so that I could remember such a beautiful day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A REALLY fun day!

This week, our daughter Christina and son-in-law Troy went on a little "honeymoon" trip. We were so excited to have Courtney and Kyler with us for a day and a half. I thought it might be fun to have the cousins enjoy each other and so I invited Amiee, Kyla and Tayven, and Heidi and Aden to join us in some fun activities.

Wednesday they arrived at our house around 10:00 a.m. Grandma, Nathan, Courtney and Kyler loaded into the car. First we drove to pick up Amiee, Kyla and Tayven and then we drove to get Nathan's swim suit at a friend's house. We were finally off to Idaho Falls. Our first stop was the Idaho Falls Aquatic Center. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos. (We kind of had our hands full :). However, you can see in this photo the diving boards that Nathan enjoyed. Also across the pool was a yellow slide that Courtney enjoyed. It was fast and she did really well swimming to the side by herself . Grandma stayed close and treaded water while she jumped, but the pool rules said that I could not catch her and that she had to swim to the side by herself.

After swimming for almost two hours, we were all starving! Our next stop was Leo's. We had a HUGE pizza, soda, chicken strips, etc. and then we spent a couple of hours playing on their toys. Everyone had so much fun that we didn't want to leave! Kyla used this really cute little whiny voice and she said "but Grandma, I don't want to leave!" She was adorable!!Kyler had lots of fun climbing on the playground toys and didn't want to leave either.
With our tickets we each got to choose a prize. Nathan got a sour sucker. You can see below in Courtney's mouth that Courtney, Kyler and Kyla got some plastic fang teeth!

Even Tayven had fun! haha. He mostly slept and smiled. It was fun to see him so entertained by the crew in the car and at the playground!

Courtney had fun climbing through the "jungle" of a playground too!
Technically, Nathan was too big. However, I asked if he could help us "chase" kids and so the owner let him play too. He was really happy about that - he had just as much fun and the little ones. It only took Kyla a few minutes to practice climbing and then she was off on her own. Here they are having fun together. Courtney and Kyler took off climbing on their own right away :).

After having so much fun that we were all exhausted, we decided that we should get home. We left Idaho Falls about 4:00. We took Amiee, Kyla and Tayven home and then Courtney and Kyler had dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and Nathan. After dinner we played LOTS and LOTS of games. . . board games, ball games, "house", babies, etc. Around 7:30 we took them home to bed.

Thursday morning, I went back to get Courtney and Kyler. We played at our house for a few more hours. We played more games, and had more fun. We made brownies and we also had a really fun "tea party" with Grandma's special china tea set.

What a fun time with Kyler and Courtney!! Thanks Amiee, Kyla and Tayven for coming too! These events are special memories for a grandma who loves her family. My heart is full as I think about how fast they are all growing up and how very, VERY grateful I am that I have had so many opportunities with them to have fun and make memories to last an eternity! Grandpa and I love you all very much. Thanks!

Friends, Quilting, Fun!

It was girls weekend. 35 of us went to a beautiful cabin in Island Park for a weekend of fun. We arrived Thursday early afternoon and most stayed until Sunday Morning. I am spending Saturday with my family so I went up Thursday and came home Friday evening. I thought I took a photo of us all crammed into this beautiful living room but I guess I didn't get the photo. Imagine rows of tables with sewing machines. We used the top of the dressers and counters for cutting tables and ironing stations. We had cords going everywhere! I thought for sure that we would blow a breaker but we didn't. We had so much fun quilting, encouraging each other, and laughing! (We also had GREAT food!!)
When we got up Friday morning, it was snowing huge beautiful flakes. It snowed for a few hours and we had about 3 or 4 inches of snow. It was SO beautiful and peaceful. After a very difficult week for me, this was a wonderful event. Also, when I went out for a few minutes I saw two huge, beautiful elk. They were right in front of me in the road, looking at me. I wished that the battery on my camera wasn't dead :(.