Saturday, December 27, 2008

14th Wedding Anniversary - December 27, 2008

This year my mom was here visiting and we didn't want to "ditch" her and so we decided that we would spend the evening/night before our anniversary at home just enjoying each other. We rented 3 movies - Hancock, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Fool's Gold - we went to get "Fongs" for dinner and then we spent the evening quietly in our room enjoying each other. 14 years and counting. . . it was a wonderful, peaceful celebration of our life together. This photo was taken the next day - on our actual anniversary. We spent the day just relaxing, cleaning house and playing our new Wii games. Fun times were had by all :).

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning is always so hectic and fun that I never get many photos. . . . And of course my camera was out of my hands AGAIN! But Christmas afternoon we played games and just enjoyed each other. Kerry's main gift this year was something that he has wanted for years but I never seem to get - a karaoke machine. In the afternoon Kerry and I sang for over an hour and then the kids and Grandpa Chuck joined us. We had lots of fun. Kyrstina and Tim also got ahold of my camera and had some fun posing. Aden slept through the songs and Kyla crawled into Aden's bouncer and said "I be Aden". She was really cute!

Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season

Kerry and I have tried hard to keep Christ as the focus of our Christmas season this year. It has been fun to ponder the birth of our Savior and enjoy this season of giving with our family.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We have had days of snowing and snow blowing! We have spent many hours shoveling and playing in the snow. These photos were taken when we had about 11 inches (see the yard stick) but since then we have had about 7 more inches. We think it is about 18 - 20 inches right now. More is on the way :).

Family Sledding - Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful day of activities with our family this year. We began the festivities on the sledding hill up by BYU-Idaho and spent the morning enjoying the snow. Grandpa Chuck, Kerry & Brenda, Christina, Courtney, Kyler, Hyrum, Amiee, Kyla, Heidi, Eric, Aden, and Nathan all had fun on the hill. Nathan enjoyed his skiis and the rest of us used sleds. After sledding most of the family went home for naps. Hyrum and Amiee came over for lunch and then enjoyed naps :). In the afternoon we went carolling to the care home and the nursing home and sang for the folks there. It was lots of fun and beautiful to hear the family sing in harmony. In the evening we had a wonderful Christmas dinner and Christina, Troy and kids came back to open gifts. We stayed up late playing games, delivered our secret Santa and then retired to bed so that Santa could come. He had 11 stockings to fill at the Denney home this year. Of course, as usuall, I misplaced my camera and only have photos of sledding. Ugh! I always seem to do that!! :(.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Evening with Kyla

Tonight Hyrum and Amiee went to finish their Christmas shopping and so we were able to have Kyla come to play. Kyla loves noodles and so a few months ago I thought it would be fun to make homemade noodles with her and we did just that. Tonight when she was playing house she used the toy rolling pin to roll noodles and she used the play blender to make "pancakes". She stirred, poured, flipped and ate and enjoyed the kitchen set for over an hour. It was really fun to play! She also had lots of fun with the tea pot.

Courtney has a Dance Recital

It is so fun to be a grandma and grandpa who can attend events of our grandchildren. Courtney danced in a beautiful recital and we were able to snatch a photo before it all began.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Handsome Nathan in his first choir concert.

Nathan has a wonderful choir teacher and he had his first choir concert. They did an awesome job. The problem was that Nathan didn't like the bow tie and vest and we forgot our video camera. So. . . I snatched one photo of him in his "outfit" before he turned it in and I recorded just ONE song on my camera. This song was Nathan's favorite and so even though I couldn't zoom in and get Nathan, I wanted him to be able to hear how it sounded.

December 10 - Kerry's actual birthday

We had already celebrated Kerry's birthday on Sunday so that Christina and Troy could stop by for a few minutes and it turned out to be a really good thing because on his actual birthday, we were so busy that we were only able to spend a few minutes together. However, Heidi and Eric came to wish him a happy birthday and so they helped us take a couple of photos.
My birthday boy, Kerry Boyd Denney on his 53rd birthday. Our cute little grandson Aden smiling for the camera!

Granddaughter Courtney's Tavaci Concert

Great-grandma Crystal and I were able to watch our beautiful granddaughter Courtney's Christmas Tavaci concert. We were very lucky to see her before the performance and snatch these photos and then we enjoyed the concert. My how she is growing up. She was so beautiful and fun to watch.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Kerry!

My sweetheart turns 53 this week! We decided to spend this Sunday evening enjoying the First Presidency Christmas devotional from Salt Lake city as a family and then had brownies and ice cream. All four of our grandchildren were here and Kerry's parents and mom mother. We played games and just spent time enjoying our family.

Grandma Crystal Comes to Idaho

My beautiful mother Crystal Markowitz has come to visit us in Idaho for several months. She is recovering from cancer surgery and radiation treatments and we are so happy that we can spend this time with her. Things have gone well. We have had our challenges and our difficult days but overall things have gone smoothly. It has been extra fun for her to spend some time with the great grandchildren. There is nothing like a baby to heal the soul! I'm sad that I didn't think to get a photo of Courtney and Kyler with mom, but I did get these cute snap shots. Grandma Crystal doesn't know how lucky she is that Kyla crawled up on her lap and fell sound asleep. Kyla rarely does that - she likes to be in her bed to fall asleep but we were just playing and tending Kyla while Amiee was in Idaho Falls shopping and Kyla got tired, crawled up on Grandma Crystal's and she was out. Mom had to get up but we laid Kyla on the couch and she slept for over 2 hours! It has been difficult for mom to have the strength to hold Aden and so Heidi and Grandma held him together. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 24th Birthday Amiee!!

We were having so much fun on Amiee's birthday that I didn't get a photo posted - but better late than never! Happy Birthday Amiee. We love you!Blow those candles out before the house burns down!
Don't they look so cute and happy! I have to add one really cute story. Kyla came over to our house while Hyrum and Amiee went to dinner. Hyrum had taken Kyla shopping for a gift and as he was telling us about shopping Kyla said "mommy, clock!" Of course, that is what they bought for Amiee and it was so cute to see Kyla's excitement and hear her tell the secret. Later that afternoon while they were gone our doorbell rang and she said to our guest "mommy, clock". From the mouths of babes :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

In this photo he is 1 day old.
Happy Birthday Tim, We sure love you!

Tim's First Christmas - 1 month Old

I think he is 2 years old here - pretty cute even covered in spaghetti!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We LOVE Date Night!

Aunt Kyrstina tickling Kyla
Kyla, Aden and Grandma crashing on the couch. Kyla doesn't look very happy but I promise, she was :) I guess we just caught a second inbetween smiles.

Now many of you might be thinking that Kerry and I love OUR date night and that is true. We have fun and enjoy our date each week. However, the other date night we like is when our kids and their spouses go on dates and WE get to babysit. We have so much fun with grandkids. This week we enjoyed coloring, playing and laughing with Kyla. We also enjoyed giving Aden a rattle for the first time. He seemed to enjoy the sound it made. It was a very fun evening that sure went by fast. If you listen closely, in the background you can hear Kyrstina talking with Kyla. Kyla is a talking machine and she says the cutest things!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hyrum

OK so this is a bit messed up - I only have photos of Kyla on Hyrum's birthday! Oh well, I'll try to remedy that but while Hyrum and Amiee celebrated Hyrum's birthday we enjoyed tending Kyla. We usually play, play, play but tonight we decided to watch a few minutes of Toy Story, which is Kyla's favorite movie right now. These are cute moments with Nathan and Kyla enjoying the show!

November 2nd - Baby Blessing

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 we had the privilege of attending our 4th grandchild's baby blessing. Aden was given a blessing by his father Eric Kowallis in their college ward. Then we all came over to our house and had a photo shoot and dinner. We enjoyed the day together although poor little Aden ended up with a fever and a bit of the flu. A precious moment as Eric and Heidi kiss their beautiful baby.

Zella Hansen (age 92) enjoying Aden - her 5th great-great-grandchild (age 1month 1week)

Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Kerry holding all four of our grandchildren. Special moments!

The whole gang of family who were able to attend the blessing.
The photo includes 5 generations of family.
We love and support you Aden!