Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa

Hyrum and Amiee are with Bryken at the hospital, so Kyla and Tayven are having a fun day with us and a sleep over.  These are a few photos we took at the park.  Grandpa said that he wanted to show Kyla something he might never be able to do again because he is getting old, so I decided that I should record it for our posterity!  Haha

Bryken Elias Denney born April 28, 2012

Grandpa Kerry Denney, holding his 8th grandchild, Bryken.  
 We got a phone call at 12:57p.m. saying that the baby was on his way.  I got dressed, jumped in the car and drove very quickly to Hyrum and Amiee's house.  I got there around 1:05.   They left immediately for the hospital, after getting the car seats out of their car.  Bryken was born with no doctor, at 1:22 a.m.  He weighs 5lbs. 5 oz. He is 17" long.  He is very tiny and cute.  
 This is Tayven holding him for the first time.
 The new family of 5!!  Don't Hyrum and Amiee look GREAT for having been up all night??
 This is Kyla loving her baby brother for the first time.
 Amiee - mother of 3!

 This is me (grandma Brenda Denney) holding Bryken.  He is SO tiny!!  Just couldn't be more perfect.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update on our Missionary - he's been out 6 months!

It is crazy that Tim has been out on his mission for 6 months now. He is smack in the middle of this photo. He seems to be doing really well. He never complains about anything in his letters. He has had several apostles and general authorities from the church visit his mission. He has had more than a dozen baptisms and he is working hard in his second area currently. This is a photo of his whole mission, together for a mission conference.
We sure our proud of him.

4th Annual Cousin Easter Egg Hunt

Kerry and I decided about 4 years ago to begin a new tradition in our family. It seemed that our married kids were busy on Easter Sunday and Sharlene, Kerry's mom, would often invite us for Easter Dinner. So we decided that instead of trying to compete with that, we would try something new... an Easter Egg Hunt for our grandkids. It turned out really fun and so this year, we again decided to continue the hunt. This is Carter (age 1 1/2 ) and Heidi (his mom) looking for eggs. We had to do the egg hunt inside due to snow outside. It was still fun. Kerry and I filled about 250 eggs with candy, toys, and money. They were hidden everywhere in the house, along with about 50 chocolate eggs.This is Nathan carrying Tristan (age 1) around the house during the egg hunt.
This is Kyler (age 5) showing off some of the money he got in his eggs. He has red face paint on from another fun party that day.
This is Courtney (age 9). She made a haul. She found a corner where they little kids wouldn't bother her and she sorted all of her candy, toys and money into piles.
This is Kyla (age 5) looking for eggs. She was very excited.

Aden liked finding eggs too. He and his brother were able to come this year because they have just moved back to Pocatello, Idaho. We were very happy to see them again.
This is just a picture of the living room while everyone was opening their eggs. We invited Sharlene and Don to come and watch. Notice Amiee (in yellow) is 9 months pregnant. We are excitedly waiting for the arrival of our 8 grandchild.
We decided, since we had all seven grandkids in one room, that we better take a photo. We really didn't want to torcher them with having to sit still very long so we just took a couple of quick ones. Carter wasn't very happy, but the rest seemed o.k. to indulged grandma for one quick photo. :) Aren't they cute!! The balloons were found in eggs and so we made them into swords, flowers, etc. It turned out pretty fun. I'm really glad that we had a balloon pump. They were really hard to blow up!

March, 2012

March was a very fun month for us. First, Our son-in-law Troy blessed their very cute little Tristan. It was a wonderful day to spend time with their family.Brenda & her friend and colleague Brynn Westwood participated in the McDonald's evening fund raiser for our school.
Kerry spent many, many hours continuing his work on his family history. He has worked very hard to collect stories, photos, maps, and details of the lives of many of his relatives.