Saturday, February 28, 2009

Basketball Season comes to a close

This year Kerry was Nathan's coach. He has been his coach every year except one. Nathan begs him to be his coach every year and so Kerry agrees. It has been nice that Nathan chose to have his dad coach his teams each year. This year, they were the ONLY team out of 11 teams, that went undefeated. Some teams cried, some coaches screamed, some games were close and some were landslides but whatever the score, they had lots of fun. These photos were taken February 28, 2009 at the last game. They were all given a certificate and Kerry's team was given a 1st place medal. Most games Nathan scored many points and swished at least one 3 pointer. It has been a fun year.


Jenni Denney said...

Congratulations Nathan and Kerry.

Heidi and Eric Kowallis said...

That is so cool that they got first place metals. I'm glad I got to be on Dad's team too. He is a good coach. Does Nat have any more city league games? I would really like to come to one. If so let me know. Oh Mom I also wanted to know if you could sit for us this Saturday. I'll call if I don't hear from you. I'll let you know what time when we find out.
Love HEidi